Vinyl - bei Follow That Dream
Re-mastered von den original analogen US-Bändern Vinyl cutting in den Abbey Road Studios  DMM Copper Mastering-
2LP-180 Gramm Vinyl-Klappcover Streng limitierte Auflage 

Bei einigen LP’s geänderte Preis-restliche Ausgaben-diverser Einkauf Bei FTD nicht mehr lieferbar

ftd vinyl roustabout lp set02


Bestell.-Nr. FV31
Preis 35,50

ab 15.Dezember??

ftd vinyl today02


Bestell.-Nr. FV28
Preis 35,50)


ftd vinyl speedway04


Best.-Nr. FV29
Preis 35,50


ftd vinyl too much momkey02

Too Much Monkey Busi-

Best.-Nr. FV30
Preis 35,50


Roustabout Roustabout-movie version-14-16-17/M-1-5-6-7-8-10-12-13 Little Egypt 15/M-21 Poison Ivy League 7/M  Hard Knocks 11/M-4 movie version  It’s A Wonderful World 13/M-17 instrumental Big Love Big Heartache 17/M  One Track Heart 5/M It’s Carnival Time 9/M-2-12 movie version  There’s Brand New Day..5/M  Wheels On My Heels 7/M  I’m A Roustabout
The Mono Sound Track: 11 Songs von Roustabout  It’s A Wonderful World  bis Wheels On My Heels 

Today  2LP LP1 Original Session Mixes 10 Songs von Susan When She Tried bis And I Love You So LP2 Outtakes: TROUBLE-1  Fairytale-1-2 Susan When She Tried-1-2 Shake A Hand-1 Tiger Man-informal jam Green Green Gras..-1 Brigin It Back-1 I Can Help-Master  Shake A Hand-2  Susan When She Tried-3

 Speedway  LP1 Let Yoursel Go  Your Time Hasn’t Come.. There Ain’t Nothing..  Who Are You Speedway He’s Your Uncle..  Suppose(Nashville Mster) Five Sleepy Heads  Goin Home-24-21 Mine-1-2-3-4 Western Union-1  LP2 Your Groovy Self(Sinatra) Your Time Hasn’t..(Movie Version)  Goin Home-16-23 Mine-8-9 Western Union-2-3  Let Yourself Go-6 The Mono Soundtrack Masters: Speedway 2x There Ain’t Nothing..  Your Time Hasn’t..  Who Are You He’s Your Uncle..  Your Groovy Self(Sinatra) Five Sleepy Heads  Suppose

Too Much Monkey Business LP1 If You Talk In Your Sleep  Just Call Me Lonesome I’ll Be There  Too Much Monkey Business  After Loving You  You Asked Me Too  Faded Love  Clean Up Your Own Backyard Lovin Arms Guitar Man Kentucky Rain  In The Ghett LP2 Burning Love I’ll Hold You In My Arms Only The Strong Survive  She Thinks I Still Care Long Black Limousine I’m Moving On  Hey Jude  Blue Suede Shoes  Paralyzed von 1983  The Elvis Medley von 1982

ftd country02

Elvis Country

Bestell.-Nr. FV14
Preis 45,50

ftd king creole vinyl02

King Creole

Preis 34,50

Jede LP von Hand


ftd vinyl he touched me02

He Touched Me

Bestell.-Nr. FV26
Preis 39,50



Elvis Country  Konnte die 2LP in geringer Stückzahl noch bekommen  Leider musste ich den Preis etwas anheben

King Creole-limitierte Auflage weltweit nur 3000 Stück-King Creole-intrumental-8  Don’t Ask Me Why-12 Hard Headed Woman-10 As Long As I Have You-10-8  King Creole-13-3-18 Lover Doll-7-master  Dixieland Rock-14 Steadfast Loyal..-6-undubbed Danny Boy  New Orleans-5 Young Dreams-8 Trouble-5  Crawfish-7

He Touched Me  LP1 He Touched Me-2  I’ve Got Confidence-1 Amazing Grace-1-2  Seeing Is Believing-7 An Evening Prayer-3-4  He Is My Everything-1 Bosom Of Abraham-4 Lead Me Guide Me-master  There Is No God But God-1-3-4-2 A Thing Called Love-1 LP2 I John-1 Reach Out To Jesus-1-7-9 A Thing Called Love-4-7-rehearsal  An Evening Prayer-7-8 Bosom Of Abraham-5-7 He Touched Me-3  Seeing Is Believing-11-12 A


ftd vinyl something for

Something For
Everybody Session

Bestell.-Nr. FV22
Preis 35,50





ftd recorded live02

Recorded Live On Stage
In Memphis

Bestell.-Nr. FV17
Preis 35,50

ftd stay away03

Stay Away Joe

Bestell.-Nr. FV20
Preis 35,50

Something For Everybody Sessions  
There’s Always Me-2-4-5,6,7,8,9  Give Me The Right-3-2 It’s A Sin-1,2 Sentimental Me-1 Starting Today-1 Anything That’s..-2-4,5  Gently-1,2-3  I’m Coming Home-2-1,3-5 In Your Arms-1 Judy-4-2,3-5,6,7 I Want You..-1 I Slipped I..-low key-11 Little Sister-7,8,9-6  His Latest Flame-3,4-10,11,12 I Feel So Bad-1  Good Luck Charm-1 Put The Blame On Me-



Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis See See Rider I Got A Woman  Love Me Trying To Get To You All Shook Up Steamroller Blues  Teddy Bear/Don’t Be Cruel Love Me Tender Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta../Nama Don’t Dance/Flip Flop And Fly  Jailhouse Rock/Hound Dog  Fever Polk Salad Annie Why Me Lord How Great Thou Art Suspicious Minds Blueberry Hill/I Can’t Sto Loving You Help Me  An American Trilogy Let Me Be There  My Baby Left Me Lawdy Miss Clawdy  Funny How Time..  Can’t Help Falling In Love

Stay Away Joe Stay Away Joe-10-12-13  Dominic All I Neded Was The Rain-3 Goin Home  Too Much Monkey Business-1-3-9  US Male-2-3-5-7 Stay Away Jam-2  Going Home-12-18-21 Stay Away-5-6-11-12-14  Dominic-1-3-2 US Male-9-10-11  Stay Away Joe-15-16-17  Too Much Monkey Business-12-10  Going Home-22-24-26-29

                                                                                                 Klappcover alles neu und unbeschädigt jeweils 5,00 EUR

K01  His Hand In Mine  K02 From Elvis In Memphis  K03 Good Times  K04 How Great Thou Art  K05 Elvis Sings Guitar Man  K06 Jailhouse Rock K07 Hot August Night K08 Standing Room Only K09 Blue Hawaii  K10 Promised Land K11 GI Blues K12 Pot Luck

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Schutzhüllen für 2LP’s
5 er Set
Best-Nr. 101.08
Preis 4,95

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