Filmsoundtracks plus alternativer Takes und Booklet Cover 18 x 18 cm (alternative Takes hinter den Songs aufgeführt)

ftd world fair02

It Happened At The
World’s Fair

Bestell.-Nr. F023
Preis 21,50

ftd girl happy02

Girl Happy- New Edition

Bestell.-Nr. F025N
Preis 21,50


Love Me Tender

Bestell.-Nr. F135
Preis 21,50

ftd vinyl roustabout02


Bestell.-Nr. F158

Preis 21,50

ftd kissin cousin02

Kissin Cousins

Bestell.-Nr. F 161
Preis 21,50

t Happened.. Beyond The Bend-pl.1-2-3 Relax-pl.5-6-7 Take Me To The Fair-pl. 6-Master They Remind Me Too Much-pl.1-4-6-7 One Broken Heart For Sale-pl.2-3 I’m Falling In Love Tonight-pl.1-2-3-4-6  Cotton Candy Land-pl.1-2-4  A World Of Our Own  How Would You Like To Be-pl. 2-3  Happy Ending-pl.4-5-6

Girl Happy-New Edition Diese neue Ausgabe hat eine bessere Tonqualität, da man ein anderes/besseres Studioband benutzt hat. Bei “You’ll Be Gone” hat man nun den richtigen Master Take 3 verwendet. Label der CD ist anders gestaltet

Love Me Tender CD1 EP: Love Me Tender  Let Me  Poor Boy  We#Re Gonna Move  Bonus: Love Me Tender The Truth About Me The Outtakes: We’r Gonna Move-4-9  Poor Boy-34-1-6 Let Me-3-4 Stereo Masters: Love Me Tender Let Me Poor Boy We’re Gonna Move The Truth About Me 10:04 CD2  MS Alabama Fair: Afternoon Show  Evenig Show mit Interviews etc

Roustabout Das Original Album 11 Songs plus I’m A Roustabout take 10/M  Outtakes/Remixed Masters von Little Agypt AO take 15/M und AO take 21

Kissin Cousins 1. Das Original Album  2. Kissin Cousins 2-hillbilly-regular vocal-1  Catchin On Fast-unedit master-instrumental  Barefoot Ballad-overdub-2 & pick up-4-intrumental There’s Gold In The Mountains-instrumental-1-2  One Boy Two Little Girls-2  Once Is Enough-1  Tender Feeling-1-1M Smokey Mountain Boy-1-intro

ftd blue hwaii02

Blue Hawaii

Bestell.-Nr. F079
Preis 21,50

ftd fun acapulco02

Fun In Acapulco

Bestell.-Nr. F024
Preis 21,50

ftd viva

Viva Las Vegas

Preis 21,50

ftd harum scarum02

Harum Scarum

Bestell.-Nr. F029
Preis 21,50

ftd frankie..

Frankie And Johnny

Bestell.-Nr. F030
Preis 21,50

Blue Hawaii CD1 Original Album  Blue Hawaii Almost Always True Aloha Oe No More  Can’t Help Falling In Love  Rock A Hula Baby  Moonlight Swim  Ku UIPo Ito Eats Slicin Sand  Hawaiian Sunset Beach Boy Blues  Island Of Love  Hawaiian Wedding Song Bonus: Steppin Out Of Line Beach Boy Blues  Can’t Help..-movie versions Moonlight Swin-undubbed  Steppin Out Of Line-record version  Blue Hwaii-1-2-3  Almost Always True-3  Aloha Oe-2  No More-7 Can’t Help Falling In Love-13  Rock A Hula Baby-1-2-3  Moonlight Swim-2  Ku UIPo-1 Ito Eats-1-2 Slicin Sand-1-2-3 Ito Eats-1-2 Slicin Sand-1-2-3  Hawaiian Sunset-1 Island Of Love-8 Hawaiian Wedding Song-1  CD2 Hawaiian Sunset-2-6-3  Aloha Oe-6-7  Ku UIPo-2-4-5-6-7 No More-1-2-4-8-11-15  Slicin Sand-4-5-6-7-8-13-15-16-14  Blue Hawaii-4-5-6 Ito Eats-4-6-5 Island Of Love-1-2-4-6-7-9 Steppin Out Of Line(movie versions)-4-5-7/8 (record versions)-10-11-16-15 (tag for movie)-18/19   Almost Always True- 2-4-5-7-6 Moonlight Swim-1-4 Can’t Help Falling In Love-14-15-16-17-19-20-21-22-24-25-26

Fun In Acapulco Fun In Acapulco  Vino Dinero Y Amor  Mexico-pl.7-1-2 El Toro Marguerito-pl.6  The Bullfighter Was A Lady-pl.17-4-5-6  No Room To Rhumba I Think I’m Gonna..-pl.18-19-1-2 Bossa Nova Baby-pl.1-2 You Can’t Say No In Acapulco-pl.1-2-3-4  Guadalajara Love Me Tonight  Slowly But Surely

Viva Las Vegas Viva Las Vegas-pl.1-2  What’d I Say-pl.1-2 If You Think..-pl.5-7  I Need Somebody To Lean On-pl.8 C’mon Everybody-pl.6-7 Today Tomorrow And Forever-pl.3-4  Santa Lucia Do The Vega-pl.1 Night Life-pl.3  Yellow Rose Of Texas/The Eye Of Texas The Clim
Mit Ann Margret: The Loday Loves Me-pl.8 You’re The Boss-pl.3 Today Tomorrow And Forever

Harum Scarum Harem Holiday-pl.1-2 My Desert Serenade-pl.2-3-7  Go East Young Man Mirage Kismet-pl.1-2  Shake That Tambourine-pl.7-8-10-16-18-21  Hey Little Girl-pl.1-2-3  Golden Coins-pl.3-4-7-8 So Closet Yet So Far-pl.1  Animal Instinct-pl.1-3-4  Wisdom Of The Ages-pl.3

Frankie And Johnny Frankie And Johnny-pl.1-3-4-Filmversion  Come Along  Petunia The Gardener’s Daughter-pl.2-5  Chesay-pl.1-3-6 What Every Woman Lives For Look Out Broadway-pl.3bis8 Beginner’s Luck  Down By The Riverside/When The Saints.. Shout It Out-pl.1-2-3  Hard Luck Please Don’t Stop Loving Me-pl.10-1-2-3-7  Everybody Aboard-pl. 9-19

ftd buch king creole204

King Creole
Bestell.-Nr. FN01
Preis 24,50

ftd flaming star02

Flaming Star

Bestell.-Nr. F140
Preis 21,50

ftd double05

Double Trouble

Bestell.-Nr. F039
Preis 21,50

ftd follow that06

Follow That Dream

Bestell.-Nr. F040
Preis 21,50

ftd kid galahad06

Kid Galahad

Bestell.-Nr. F041
Preis 21,50

King Creole Wieder lieferbar 2CD mit den alternativen Takes zum Film

Flaming Star   Flaming Star-alternate movie track-1 A Cane And A High..-1 bis 6 overdubbed movie version Britches-1 bis 5-7 Summer Kisses Winter Tears-1 bis 4-7 bis10-12-14 movie version-15 bis 18-19-26-28  Black Star-end title outtakes 5-1,2,4,5,2,3,4,5 ent title 1,3,4

Double Trouble Double Trouble-pl.1-2-3  Baby If You’ll Give..-pl.2-3-4  Could I Fall In Love-pl.6-1 Long Legged Girl-pl.1-2-6  City By Night-pl.3-10 Old MacDonald  I Love Only One Girl-pl.1 There Is So Much World..-pl.10 It Won’t Be Long-pl.1-2-5  Never Ending  Blue River  What Now What Next..

Follow That Dream Follow That Dream-pl.1bis4 Angel-pl.1-2-4-5-6-7 What A Wonderful Life-pl. 2-1-3-4-5-6  I’m Not The Marrying Kind-pl.2-3-4-6  Sound Advice-pl.1 A Whistling Tune-pl.4  On Top Of Old Smokey

Kid Galahad King Of The Whole Wide World-pl.1-2-7-8-13-14-15-16-17-20-21-25-31-1-2-3-Stereo Master This Is Living-pl.2-Stereo Master  Riding The Rainbow-pl.1 Stereo Master Home Is Where The Heart Is-pl.1-2-3-6-7-10-Stereo Master I Got Lucky-pl.6-1 Stereo Master A Whistling Tun-pl.2

ftd clambake06


Bestell.-Nr. F055
Preis 21,50

ftd easy come08

Easy Come Easy Go

Bestell.-Nr. F065
Preis 21,50

vinyl girls02

Girls Girls Girls

Bestell.-Nr. F068
Preis 21,50

ftd wild in02

Wild In The Country

Bestell.-Nr. F069
Preis 21,50

ftd gi blues02

GI Blues

Bestell.-Nr. F114
Preis 21,50

Clambake Guitar Man Clambake-pl.4-3B-1-5-1-2-3 Who Needs Money  A House That Has Everything-pl.4-5-6  Confidence  Hey Hey Hey-pl.3-5-6-7-8  You Don’z Know Me-pl. Film Version-20-3-7-10  The Girl I Never Loved-pl.4-5 How Can You Loose..-pl.1-2-3 Big Boss Man Singing Tree Just Call Me Lonesome

Easy Come Easy Go Easy Coime Easy Go-pl.10 The Love Machine-pl.1-2-3-4-5-11-13-14 Yoga Is As Yoga Does-pl.5-6  You Gotta Stop-pl.Instrumental  Sing You Children-pl.1-18-19  I’ll Take Love-pl.1-2-2B She’s A Machine-pl.5-6-7-10-13 Leave My Woman Alone-5-Instrumental

Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls I Don’t Wann Be Tied-pl. Movie Versions-8-10 Where Do You Come From-pl.13 I Don’t Want To  We’ll Be Together-pl.8-10 A Boy Like Me And A Girl Like You-pl.3-4 Earth Boy-pl. Movie Versins-2-4  Return To Sender  Because Of Love Thanks To The Rolling Sea-pl.10  Song Of The Shrimo  The Walls Have Ears We’re Coming In Loaded Mama-pl.1-2-3-4-9-The Amigos-Instrumental Let’s Be Friends-70’s Album  Plantation Rock-pl.17 Dainty Little Moonbeams/Girls Girls Gils-End Title

Wild In The Country  Wild In The Country-pl.1-2-10-11-12-13-14-16 Lonely Man-pl.1-solo1-4-2-36-7-8-11-12 I Slipped I Stumpled I Fell-pl.low key-1-2-37-8-9-11-14-15-16  In My Way-pl.1-2-4-5-6-8 Forget Me Never-pl.2-1

GI Blues 2 CD’s mit Booklet Das Original Album plus Alternate Tonight’s All Right For Love-Bonus Shoppin Around Frankfort Special  Big Boots Pocketful Of Rainbows  Tonight Is So Right For Love-Instrumental First Takes Tonight Is So Right For Love-1-2 What’s She Really Like-1-5 Frankfort Special-fast-1-2 Wooden Heart-1 GI Blues-1 Pocketful Of Rainbows-1-2  Shoppin Around-1 Big Boots-fast 1-2slow-1 Didja Ever-1 Tonight’s All Right For Love-1 Doing The Best I Can-1-3

ftd cafe europa03

Cafe Europa

Bestell.-Nr. F129
Preis 21,50

ftd loving you

Loving You

Bestell.-Nr. F051
Preis 21,50

ftd live a littl02

Live A Little Love A
Bestell.-Nr. F145
Preis 21,50

ftd jailhouse rock102

Jailhouse Rock Vol.1

Bestell.-Nr. F083
Preis 21,50

ftd jailhouse r2

Jailhouse Rock Vol. 2

Bestell.-Nr. F096
Preis 21,50

Cafe Europa CD1 Master Takes-Remixed  Didja Ever-2  Doin The Best I Can-13/M  GI Blues-7/M+insert ending  Tonight Is So Right For Love-10-11/M  WWhat’s She Really Like-17-19/M+insert takes 20-22  Blue Suede Shoes-1/M  Wooden Heart-4/M  Shoppin Around-remake-6-7/M Pocketful OfvRainbows-remake-9-10/M  Tonight’s All Right For Love-10/M+insert-1-2/M  Big Boots-slow version-4/M-remake insert-1-2/M  Outtakes: Shoppin Around-6-10 Doin The Best I Can-10-12  GI Blues-6  Tonight Is So Right For Love-8-9  Big Boost fast version-6-5  What’s She Really Like-14-16 Pocketful Of Rainbows-11-13-14-15-16-version 1 take17  CD2 Pocketful Of Rainbows-18-20-21-25-26-28-1-3 Big Boots medium version-1-slow version remake-1-6 Shoppin Around-1-23-5  Frankfort Special-fast version-9-12 remake-1-5-6-8  Tonight’s All Right For Love  2-5-6-7-8-9-11-12-14-15-16-17-Instrumental  Wooden Heart-Grammafunken Version Instrumental  Whistling Blues-Instrum...

Loving You CD1 12 Songs wie veröffentlicht pl. 12 Bonus One Night  I Beg Of You  All Shook Up  That’s When ..  Tell Me Why Is It So Strang  When It Rains.. One Night Of Sin I Beg Of You Loving You 5x  Party Got A Lot.. Mean Woman Blues   Blue Berry Hill CD2 Loving You Session vom 14. Februar

Live A Little Love A Little Wonderful World plus-1-2-3-7-14-15-16-17 Edge Of Reality plus-1-2-35-6-8  A Little Less Conversation plus-1-2-4 bis 9-10-11-12-16 Almost In Love plus-1-4-6-Instrumental Track-Overdub aus 2011 Take 4-overdub aus 2012 Take 2-3

Jailhouse Rock1  CD1 Original EP: Jailhouse Rock  Young And Beautiful I Want To Be Free  Don’t Leave Me Now  Baby I Don’t Care Alternate RCA Masters:Jailhouse Rock-5 Treat Me Nice-10/13  Don’t Leave Me Now-18-21 I Want To Be Free-11 Young And Beautiful-18/21-9  Movie-Masters: Jailhouse Rock Young And Beautiful  Don’t Leave Me Now  Treat Me Nice Alternate Movie Mas- ters: Jailhouse Rock Male Vocal Overdub  Don’t Leave Me Now Unused Version Treat Me Nice-19 CD2 Binaural Sessions: Treat Me Nice-1-13  I Want To Be Free-1-13  Young And Beautiful-11-22

Jailhouse Rock Vol. 2  CD1 Jailhouse Rock-1-2-3-4-5 Treat Me Nice-movie-1-2-3-4-5-6-78-9 Young And Beautiful-jail version-1-2-3- florita club-1-2 Don’t Leave Me Now unused movie-1 Hit 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10  I Want To Be Free-1-8-9-1-2 Baby I Don’t Care-1-2-3-4  CD2 Jailhouse Rock-6-7-8-1-2 Don’t Leave Me Now unused movie-2 hit-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21 Young And Beautiful florita club-3-4-5-6 Treat Me Nice-movie-10-11-12-13-14-15  I Want To Be Free-10-11-1-2-3-4-5 EP: Jailhouse Rock Young And Beautiful  I Want To Be Free Don’t Leave Me Now Baby I Don’t Care  Treat Me Nice

ftd CD Kid Galahad02

The Kid Galahad Sessions

Beste.-Nr. F177

Preis 27,50

ftd viva las vegas03

The Viva Las Vegas
3 CD Box

Bestell.-Nr. F 161
Preis 52,80

ftd CD Something For

Something For Everbody
4 CD Box

Bestell.-Nr. F178
Preis 59,50

The Kid Galahad Session
6 Songs Original Soundtrack Outtakes: King Of The Whole Wide World-1 2 bis 16  19-20 25-26  29-31 A Whistling Tune 1 3-8  Home Is Where The Heart Is 1 bis 6
CD2 Home Is Where The Heart Is 7-8 10 bis 15 20-21 Riding The Rainbow 1-2 4 bis 8 danach remakes I Got Luky 1-2-5-6 danach remakes  This Is Living 1 bis 4  8 bis 10

The Viva Las Vegas Sessions
Soundtrack-Bonus Songs-First Takes 26 Songs
CD2 Outtakes  20 Songs
CD3  TMovie Tracks-Outtakes 23 Songs

LThe Something For Everybody Sessions-Wild In The Country Sessions mit Booklet
The Album 13 Songs von There’s Always Me bis I Slipped I Stumbled..  Wild In The Country The Masters  The March 1961 Sessions
CD2 The March 1961 Sessions 25 Takes von I Feel So Bad  von Put The Blame On Me
CD3  The Wild In The Country Sessions 14 Takes von Lonely Man  bis In My Way
CD4 The Wild In The Country Sessions  19 Takes von Wild In The Country bis I Slipped I Stimbled I Fell

ftd speedway03


Bestell.-Nr. F151
Preis 21,50









Speedway CD1 Original Album plus Remixed Soundtrack Masters:There Ain’t Nothing.. Your Time Hasn’t.. Five Sleepy Heads  Who Are You Speedway Suppose 2x Let Yourself Go  He’s Your Uncle.. Outtakes: Suppose-long version Let Yourself Go-5-6  Your Time Hasn’t..-Movie Version  Goin Home-16  Mine-1-2-3&4-8&9-13 Suppose-Nashville Master
CD2 The Original Mono LP Master: Speedway  There Ain’t.. Your Time Hasn’t.. Who Are You  He’s Your Uncle.. Let Yoursef Go Your Groovy Self Five Sleepy Heads  Western Union Mine Goin Home Suppose plus long version





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