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Elvis im Ton-Studio

ftd CD box Pot Luck Session02

The Pot Luck Sessions
5 CD
Bestell.-Nr. 182
Preis 59,50

ftd easter special

Easter Special

Bestell.-Nr. F010
Preis 21,50

FTD CD-Lost-Album-Sessions-

Devil In Disguise
3 CD
Bestell.-Nr. F186
Preis 45,80

ftd elvis is back

Elvis Is Back Sessions
4 CD
Bestell.-Nr. F166
Preis 59,50

FTD CD How Great

The How Great Thou
Art Session
5 CD
Bestell.-Nr. F191
Preis 59,50

The Pot Luck Sessions plus 28 seitiges Booklet Gesamt 136 Songs als alternative Takes etc
CD1 Singles August-Februar-July 61 Album Masters Juni 62  Sessions 25. Juli 61    CD2 Sessions 25.Juni 61 von Kiss Me Quick bis His Lates Flame
CD3 Sessions 25.Juni 61  Sessions 15.Oktober 61 von The Millionth And The Last Time bis I Met Her Today
CD4 Sessions 15. Oktober 61  Sessions 18.März 62 von Something Blue bis Fountain Of Love
CD5 Sessions 18.März 62  Sessions 19. März 62 von I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever bis She’s Not You


Devil In Disguise  (The Lost Album Sessions) CD1- 15 Takes von 18.Juni 63 bis 20. Mai 68  CD”- Mai Sessions 24 Takes von Echoes Of Love bis Love Me Tonight CD3 25 Takes von Memphis TN bis It Hurts Me

The Elvis Is Back Sessions CD1 The Original Album CD2 The March Sessions CD3  The March Sessions  CD4 The April Sessions

The How Great Thou Art Session 5 CD Gesamt 91 Songs als alternative Takes etc
CD1 The Album Masters plus Love Letters-Come What May  Bonus Songs Spinout Songs Single If Everyday Was Like Christmas Indescribable Blue/Fools Fall In Love   Beyond The Reef(unused)
CD2 16 Songs von Run On-1-2  How Great Thou Art-1-2  Stand By Me-1-2 bis Where No One Stands Alone-splice of takes 4&1M
CD3 17 Songs von Down In The Alley-1 Tomorrow Is A Long Time-1-2  So High-1 bis By And By-10M
CD4 20 Songs von In The Garden-1-3/M Somebody Bigger Than You And I-splice of take 16 and work part -6/M
CD5 17 Songs von Come What May-1-2 Fools Fall In Love-5/M I’ll Remeber You (splice of Vocal overdub-1 and 3  bis I Everyday Was Like Christmas (vocal overdub-1-2/M etc

FTD-CD Guitar-Man-Sessions-

Guitar Man
The 67/68 Sessions
5 CD Box
Bestell.-Nr. F197
Preis 57,50
Ende Juni lieferbar





ftd american sound02

American Sound
5 CD
Bestell.-Nr. F173
Preis 59,50

ftd cd His Hand

His Hand In Mine
Bestell.-Nr. F179
Preis 45,80


Guitar Man The 67/68 Sessions
13 Songs plus Bonus Suppose vom 10.September 67 plud Guitar Man Take 1-9
CD2 Big Boss Man 10-11 Suppose
CD3 Hi Heel Sneakers 1-7 plus 7 von First Line 7/5 You Don’t Know Me 1-2 plus Take 1 und 2  We Call On Him 1-9  You’ll Never Walk Alone 1-8 plus 8 Master
CD4 Too Much Monkey Business 1-1-14 plus Overdup Goin Home 1-29 Take 30 ist das Master
CD5 Stay Away Joe 1-15 mit Overdup  US Male 1-12 plus Overdub Session vom 20.03.67  Suppose ist Elvis am Klavier Overdub Master plus Take 2 als Instrumental


A His Hand In Mine Session 3 CD Box  Noch lieferbar

Elvis American Sound 1969 
Long Black Limousine 1-2-3-5-6-7-8-9  This Is The Story-1-2 Wearin That Loved..-1-2-3-5-10 bis 15  You’ll Think Of Me-1-6-7-8-11-14-16-19-20.23
CD2 I’m Movin On-1-2 A Little Bit Of Green(Rehearsal)-1-2-3 Gently On My Mind-(Track Replacement)  Don’t Cry Daddy-3 Poor Man’s Gold-12 Inherit The Wind-1-(Rehearsal)-4 Mama Liked The Roses-(Alternate Master) My Little Friend (Master Track)  In The Ghetto-1 bis 5-10-11-13-19-20-22
CD3 Rubberneckin-1-2 Hey Jude-1-3-5-6-7 From A Jack..-1-3-4-5  Without Love-1-2-4-5  I’ll Hold You..-1 I’ll Be There-1-3-4-6  Suspicious Minds-1-5-6-7-8
CD4 Stranger In My..-(Jam Session) It’s My Way/This Time/I Can’t Stop Loving You-(Jam)  True Love Travels..-2-4-5-6-7-11  And The Grass..-1-3-5-6 Power Of Love-1-2-3-6-7  After Loving You-2-3-4  Do You Know ..-1-3-4-5-7
CD5 Kentucky Rain-1-3-5-7-8-9-10 Only The Strong Survive-1-8-11-12-17-21-22-29  It Keeps Right..-1-2  Any Day Now-1bis6 If I’m A Fool-1-2-3-6-7-8-9  The Fair’s Moving On-(Track Master) Who Am I-(Undubbed Master

Beinhaltet The Original Album  The Original Singles  The Oktober 1960 Sessions   Gesamt 65 Takes/Songs

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