Filmsoundtracks plus alternativer Takes und Booklet Cover 18 x 18 cm (alternative Takes hinter den Songs aufgeführt)

FTD Fun In03

The Fun In Acapulco
3 CD Box
Bestell.-Nr. F171
Preis 39,50

ftd girl happy02

Girl Happy- New Edition

Bestell.-Nr. F025N
Preis 21,50

ftd cd elvis the last movies02

The Last Movies

Bestell.-Nr. F159
Preis 21,50

ftd vinyl roustabout02


Bestell.-Nr. F158

Preis 21,50

ftd kissin cousin02

Kissin Cousins

Bestell.-Nr. F 161
Preis 21,50

The Fun In Acapulco Session 28 seitiges Booklet
Original Album plus Bonus  Outtakes Bossa Nova Baby 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 I Think I’m Gonna..1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10&11/M I Think I’m Gonna Like It 1-2-5-6-7-8-9-10 Mexico 1-2-3-4-5/M
CD2 Mexico-1-2-3-4-5/M-6-7/M The Bullfighter Was A Lady 1-2&3/M-4-6-7-8-9-9&7/M Marguerita-1-2-6-7&8/M Vino Dinero-1-2-3-4-5/M Amigos Cafe Version-1-2--3-4/M etc El Toro-1-2-2&1M
 CD3 I Think..-19&16/M  The Bullfighter Was A Lady -11-14-15-16 17/M  Malaguena 1-2-10 6&10/M-You Can’t Say No ..1-4-5/M  Guadalajara 1-2-3-4-5-6-71,5&7/M  v.o. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-10 etc

Girl Happy-New Edition Diese neue Ausgabe hat eine bessere Tonqualität, da man ein anderes/besseres Studioband benutzt hat. Bei “You’ll Be Gone” hat man nun den richtigen Master Take 3 verwendet. Label der CD ist anders gestaltet

The Last Movies  Change Of Habit  Rubberneckin  Let’s Be Friends  Have A Happy  Let Us Pray-alternate vocal overdub M/vocal only  Clean Up Your Own Back Yard Almost-undubbed master-1-3-4&6-10-11-13-14-16-22-25-27-28-29 Charro-rough mix-undubbed master Let’s Forget About The Stars-rough mix Swing Down Sweet Chariot-movie version-overdub Signs Of The Zodiac duett with Mrlyn Mason College Songs Medley: Far Above Cayuga’s Boola Boola Dartmout’s In Town Again The Eyer Of Texas  Fair Harvard  Notre Dame  Violett

Roustabout Das Original Album 11 Songs plus I’m A Roustabout take 10/M  Outtakes/Remixed Masters von Little Agypt AO take 15/M und AO take 21

Kissin Cousins 1. Das Original Album  2. Kissin Cousins 2-hillbilly-regular vocal-1  Catchin On Fast-unedit master-instrumental  Barefoot Ballad-overdub-2 & pick up-4-intrumental There’s Gold In The Mountains-instrumental-1-2  One Boy Two Little Girls-2  Once Is Enough-1  Tender Feeling-1-1M Smokey Mountain Boy-1-intro

ftd blue hwaii02

Blue Hawaii

Bestell.-Nr. F079
Preis 21,50

ftd fun acapulco02

Fun In Acapulco

Bestell.-Nr. F024
Preis 21,50

ftd viva

Viva Las Vegas

Preis 21,50

ftd harum scarum02

Harum Scarum

Bestell.-Nr. F029
Preis 21,50

ftd frankie..

Frankie And Johnny

Bestell.-Nr. F030
Preis 21,50

Blue Hawaii CD1 Original Album  Blue Hawaii Almost Always True Aloha Oe No More  Can’t Help Falling In Love  Rock A Hula Baby  Moonlight Swim  Ku UIPo Ito Eats Slicin Sand  Hawaiian Sunset Beach Boy Blues  Island Of Love  Hawaiian Wedding Song Bonus: Steppin Out Of Line Beach Boy Blues  Can’t Help..-movie versions Moonlight Swin-undubbed  Steppin Out Of Line-record version  Blue Hwaii-1-2-3  Almost Always True-3  Aloha Oe-2  No More-7 Can’t Help Falling In Love-13  Rock A Hula Baby-1-2-3  Moonlight Swim-2  Ku UIPo-1 Ito Eats-1-2 Slicin Sand-1-2-3 Ito Eats-1-2 Slicin Sand-1-2-3  Hawaiian Sunset-1 Island Of Love-8 Hawaiian Wedding Song-1  CD2 Hawaiian Sunset-2-6-3  Aloha Oe-6-7  Ku UIPo-2-4-5-6-7 No More-1-2-4-8-11-15  Slicin Sand-4-5-6-7-8-13-15-16-14  Blue Hawaii-4-5-6 Ito Eats-4-6-5 Island Of Love-1-2-4-6-7-9 Steppin Out Of Line(movie versions)-4-5-7/8 (record versions)-10-11-16-15 (tag for movie)-18/19   Almost Always True- 2-4-5-7-6 Moonlight Swim-1-4 Can’t Help Falling In Love-14-15-16-17-19-20-21-22-24-25-26

Fun In Acapulco Fun In Acapulco  Vino Dinero Y Amor  Mexico-pl.7-1-2 El Toro Marguerito-pl.6  The Bullfighter Was A Lady-pl.17-4-5-6  No Room To Rhumba I Think I’m Gonna..-pl.18-19-1-2 Bossa Nova Baby-pl.1-2 You Can’t Say No In Acapulco-pl.1-2-3-4  Guadalajara Love Me Tonight  Slowly But Surely

Viva Las Vegas Viva Las Vegas-pl.1-2  What’d I Say-pl.1-2 If You Think..-pl.5-7  I Need Somebody To Lean On-pl.8 C’mon Everybody-pl.6-7 Today Tomorrow And Forever-pl.3-4  Santa Lucia Do The Vega-pl.1 Night Life-pl.3  Yellow Rose Of Texas/The Eye Of Texas The Clim
Mit Ann Margret: The Loday Loves Me-pl.8 You’re The Boss-pl.3 Today Tomorrow And Forever

Harum Scarum Harem Holiday-pl.1-2 My Desert Serenade-pl.2-3-7  Go East Young Man Mirage Kismet-pl.1-2  Shake That Tambourine-pl.7-8-10-16-18-21  Hey Little Girl-pl.1-2-3  Golden Coins-pl.3-4-7-8 So Closet Yet So Far-pl.1  Animal Instinct-pl.1-3-4  Wisdom Of The Ages-pl.3

Frankie And Johnny Frankie And Johnny-pl.1-3-4-Filmversion  Come Along  Petunia The Gardener’s Daughter-pl.2-5  Chesay-pl.1-3-6 What Every Woman Lives For Look Out Broadway-pl.3bis8 Beginner’s Luck  Down By The Riverside/When The Saints.. Shout It Out-pl.1-2-3  Hard Luck Please Don’t Stop Loving Me-pl.10-1-2-3-7  Everybody Aboard-pl. 9-19

ftd spinout03


Bestell.-Nr. F034
Preis 21,50

ftd flaming star02

Flaming Star

Bestell.-Nr. F140
Preis 21,50

ftd double05

Double Trouble

Bestell.-Nr. F039
Preis 21,50

ftd follow that06

Follow That Dream

Bestell.-Nr. F040
Preis 21,50

ftd kid galahad06

Kid Galahad

Bestell.-Nr. F041
Preis 21,50

Spinout Stop Look And Listen-pl.1-2-36 Adam And Evil-pl.1-14-16 All That I Am-pl.1-24  Never Say Yeas-pl.1-2-4-5 A I Ready-pl.1-3-4 Beach Shack-pl.1-2-3 Spinout-pl.1-2 Smorgasboard-pl.1-5 I’ll Be Back Tomorrow Is A Long.. Down In The Alley I’ll Remember You

Flaming Star   Flaming Star-alternate movie track-1 A Cane And A High..-1 bis 6 overdubbed movie version Britches-1 bis 5-7 Summer Kisses Winter Tears-1 bis 4-7 bis10-12-14 movie version-15 bis 18-19-26-28  Black Star-end title outtakes 5-1,2,4,5,2,3,4,5 ent title 1,3,4

Double Trouble Double Trouble-pl.1-2-3  Baby If You’ll Give..-pl.2-3-4  Could I Fall In Love-pl.6-1 Long Legged Girl-pl.1-2-6  City By Night-pl.3-10 Old MacDonald  I Love Only One Girl-pl.1 There Is So Much World..-pl.10 It Won’t Be Long-pl.1-2-5  Never Ending  Blue River  What Now What Next..

Follow That Dream Follow That Dream-pl.1bis4 Angel-pl.1-2-4-5-6-7 What A Wonderful Life-pl. 2-1-3-4-5-6  I’m Not The Marrying Kind-pl.2-3-4-6  Sound Advice-pl.1 A Whistling Tune-pl.4  On Top Of Old Smokey

Kid Galahad King Of The Whole Wide World-pl.1-2-7-8-13-14-15-16-17-20-21-25-31-1-2-3-Stereo Master This Is Living-pl.2-Stereo Master  Riding The Rainbow-pl.1 Stereo Master Home Is Where The Heart Is-pl.1-2-3-6-7-10-Stereo Master I Got Lucky-pl.6-1 Stereo Master A Whistling Tun-pl.2

ftd clambake06


Bestell.-Nr. F055
Preis 21,50

ftd easy come08

Easy Come Easy Go

Bestell.-Nr. F065
Preis 21,50

vinyl girls02

Girls Girls Girls

Bestell.-Nr. F068
Preis 21,50

ftd wild in02

Wild In The Country

Bestell.-Nr. F069
Preis 21,50

ftd gi blues02

GI Blues

Bestell.-Nr. F114
Preis 21,50

Clambake Guitar Man Clambake-pl.4-3B-1-5-1-2-3 Who Needs Money  A House That Has Everything-pl.4-5-6  Confidence  Hey Hey Hey-pl.3-5-6-7-8  You Don’z Know Me-pl. Film Version-20-3-7-10  The Girl I Never Loved-pl.4-5 How Can You Loose..-pl.1-2-3 Big Boss Man Singing Tree Just Call Me Lonesome

Easy Come Easy Go Easy Coime Easy Go-pl.10 The Love Machine-pl.1-2-3-4-5-11-13-14 Yoga Is As Yoga Does-pl.5-6  You Gotta Stop-pl.Instrumental  Sing You Children-pl.1-18-19  I’ll Take Love-pl.1-2-2B She’s A Machine-pl.5-6-7-10-13 Leave My Woman Alone-5-Instrumental

Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls I Don’t Wann Be Tied-pl. Movie Versions-8-10 Where Do You Come From-pl.13 I Don’t Want To  We’ll Be Together-pl.8-10 A Boy Like Me And A Girl Like You-pl.3-4 Earth Boy-pl. Movie Versins-2-4  Return To Sender  Because Of Love Thanks To The Rolling Sea-pl.10  Song Of The Shrimo  The Walls Have Ears We’re Coming In Loaded Mama-pl.1-2-3-4-9-The Amigos-Instrumental Let’s Be Friends-70’s Album  Plantation Rock-pl.17 Dainty Little Moonbeams/Girls Girls Gils-End Title

Wild In The Country  Wild In The Country-pl.1-2-10-11-12-13-14-16 Lonely Man-pl.1-solo1-4-2-36-7-8-11-12 I Slipped I Stumpled I Fell-pl.low key-1-2-37-8-9-11-14-15-16  In My Way-pl.1-2-4-5-6-8 Forget Me Never-pl.2-1

GI Blues 2 CD’s mit Booklet Das Original Album plus Alternate Tonight’s All Right For Love-Bonus Shoppin Around Frankfort Special  Big Boots Pocketful Of Rainbows  Tonight Is So Right For Love-Instrumental First Takes Tonight Is So Right For Love-1-2 What’s She Really Like-1-5 Frankfort Special-fast-1-2 Wooden Heart-1 GI Blues-1 Pocketful Of Rainbows-1-2  Shoppin Around-1 Big Boots-fast 1-2slow-1 Didja Ever-1 Tonight’s All Right For Love-1 Doing The Best I Can-1-3

ftd cafe europa03

Cafe Europa

Bestell.-Nr. F129
Preis 21,50

ftd loving you

Loving You

Bestell.-Nr. F051
Preis 21,50
2 CD

ftd stay away02

Stay Away Joe

Bestell.-Nr. F126
Preis 21,50

ftd jailhouse rock102

Jailhouse Rock Vol.1

Bestell.-Nr. F083
Preis 21,50

ftd jailhouse r2

Jailhouse Rock Vol. 2

Bestell.-Nr. F096
Preis 21,50

Cafe Europa CD1 Master Takes-Remixed  Didja Ever-2  Doin The Best I Can-13/M  GI Blues-7/M+insert ending  Tonight Is So Right For Love-10-11/M  WWhat’s She Really Like-17-19/M+insert takes 20-22  Blue Suede Shoes-1/M  Wooden Heart-4/M  Shoppin Around-remake-6-7/M Pocketful OfvRainbows-remake-9-10/M  Tonight’s All Right For Love-10/M+insert-1-2/M  Big Boots-slow version-4/M-remake insert-1-2/M  Outtakes: Shoppin Around-6-10 Doin The Best I Can-10-12  GI Blues-6  Tonight Is So Right For Love-8-9  Big Boost fast version-6-5  What’s She Really Like-14-16 Pocketful Of Rainbows-11-13-14-15-16-version 1 take17  CD2 Pocketful Of Rainbows-18-20-21-25-26-28-1-3 Big Boots medium version-1-slow version remake-1-6 Shoppin Around-1-23-5  Frankfort Special-fast version-9-12 remake-1-5-6-8  Tonight’s All Right For Love  2-5-6-7-8-9-11-12-14-15-16-17-Instrumental  Wooden Heart-Grammafunken Version Instrumental  Whistling Blues-Instrum...

Loving You CD1 12 Songs wie veröffentlicht pl. 12 Bonus One Night  I Beg Of You  All Shook Up  That’s When ..  Tell Me Why Is It So Strang  When It Rains.. One Night Of Sin I Beg Of You Loving You 5x  Party Got A Lot.. Mean Woman Blues   Blue Berry Hill CD2 Loving You Session vom 14. Februar

Stay Away Joe Stay Away-5,6,11,12,14 Stay Away Joe-10,12,13,15,16,17  Dominic-1,3,2 All I Needed Was The Rain  Goin Home-12,18,21,22,24,26,28,29 Too Much Monkey Business-1,3,6,9,12,10 US Male-5,6,7,9,10,11  Stay Away-jam 2

Jailhouse Rock1  CD1 Original EP: Jailhouse Rock  Young And Beautiful I Want To Be Free  Don’t Leave Me Now  Baby I Don’t Care Alternate RCA Masters:Jailhouse Rock-5 Treat Me Nice-10/13  Don’t Leave Me Now-18-21 I Want To Be Free-11 Young And Beautiful-18/21-9  Movie-Masters: Jailhouse Rock Young And Beautiful  Don’t Leave Me Now  Treat Me Nice Alternate Movie Mas- ters: Jailhouse Rock Male Vocal Overdub  Don’t Leave Me Now Unused Version Treat Me Nice-19 CD2 Binaural Sessions: Treat Me Nice-1-13  I Want To Be Free-1-13  Young And Beautiful-11-22

Jailhouse Rock Vol. 2  CD1 Jailhouse Rock-1-2-3-4-5 Treat Me Nice-movie-1-2-3-4-5-6-78-9 Young And Beautiful-jail version-1-2-3- florita club-1-2 Don’t Leave Me Now unused movie-1 Hit 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10  I Want To Be Free-1-8-9-1-2 Baby I Don’t Care-1-2-3-4  CD2 Jailhouse Rock-6-7-8-1-2 Don’t Leave Me Now unused movie-2 hit-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21 Young And Beautiful florita club-3-4-5-6 Treat Me Nice-movie-10-11-12-13-14-15  I Want To Be Free-10-11-1-2-3-4-5 EP: Jailhouse Rock Young And Beautiful  I Want To Be Free Don’t Leave Me Now Baby I Don’t Care  Treat Me Nice


Love Me Tender

Bestell.-Nr. F135
Preis 21,50

ftd buch king creole203

King Creole

Bestell.-Nr. F142
Preis 21,50


ftd live a littl02

Live A Little Love A

Bestell.-Nr. F145
Preis 21,50

ftd speedway03


Bestell.-Nr. F151
Preis 21,50

ftd world fair02

It Happened At The
World’s Fair

Bestell.-Nr. F023
Preis 21,50

Love Me Tender CD1 EP: Love Me Tender  Let Me  Poor Boy  We#Re Gonna Move  Bonus: Love Me Tender The Truth About Me The Outtakes: We’r Gonna Move-4-9  Poor Boy-34-1-6 Let Me-3-4 Stereo Masters: Love Me Tender Let Me Poor Boy We’re Gonna Move The Truth About Me 10:04 CD2  MS Alabama Fair: Afternoon Show  Evenig Show mit Interviews etc

King Creole CD1 Das Original Album plus Danny  Hard Headed Women-10  Trouble-5 New Orleans-5  King Creole-3-18-13-8 Crwafish-7 Dixieland Rock-14  Lover Doll-7  Don’t Ask Me Why-12 As Long As I Have You-10-4-8 Muskrat-Instrumental Steadfast Loyal And True-4-undubbed at Paramount plus Movie Version CD2 Demos und Acetates wie Elvis als Muster vorgelegt: King Creole Trouble  Dirty Dirty Feeling New Orleans  Hard Headed Woman Dixieland Rock Crawfish As Long As I.. Danny  Don’t Ask Me..  Lover Doll  Young Dreams  Steadfast Loyal..Turle Berries

Live A Little Love A Little Wonderful World plus-1-2-3-7-14-15-16-17 Edge Of Reality plus-1-2-35-6-8  A Little Less Conversation plus-1-2-4 bis 9-10-11-12-16 Almost In Love plus-1-4-6-Instrumental Track-Overdub aus 2011 Take 4-overdub aus 2012 Take 2-3

Speedway CD1 Original Album plus Remixed Soundtrack Masters:There Ain’t Nothing.. Your Time Hasn’t.. Five Sleepy Heads  Who Are You Speedway Suppose 2x Let Yourself Go  He’s Your Uncle.. Outtakes: Suppose-long version Let Yourself Go-5-6  Your Time Hasn’t..-Movie Version  Goin Home-16  Mine-1-2-3&4-8&9-13 Suppose-Nashville Master
CD2 The Original Mono LP Master: Speedway  There Ain’t.. Your Time Hasn’t.. Who Are You  He’s Your Uncle.. Let Yoursef Go Your Groovy Self Five Sleepy Heads  Western Union Mine Goin Home Suppose plus long version

t Happened.. Beyond The Bend-pl.1-2-3 Relax-pl.5-6-7 Take Me To The Fair-pl. 6-Master They Remind Me Too Much-pl.1-4-6-7 One Broken Heart For Sale-pl.2-3 I’m Falling In Love Tonight-pl.1-2-3-4-6  Cotton Candy Land-pl.1-2-4  A World Of Our Own  How Would You Like To Be-pl. 2-3  Happy Ending-pl.4-5-6

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