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Elvis im Ton-Studio
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vinyl for lp..07

For LP Fans Only

Bestell.-Nr. F168
Preis 21,50


vinyl for every

Elvis For Everyone

Bestell.-Nr. F137
Preis 21,50

ftd christmas album

Elvis Christmas Album

Bestell.-Nr. F139
Preis 21,50

ftd back02

Back In Memphis

Bestell.-Nr. F120
Preis 21,50

ftd from elvis in02

From Elvis In Memphis

Bestell.-Nr. F125
Preis 21,50

For LP Fans Only 2 CD Original Album plus Bonus That’s All Right -1-3  Harbor Lights -7  I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone (slow versione)-4&5/M  When It Rains It Really Pours

Elvis For Everyone CD1 Original Album pl. Optional Masters Masters Flaming Star  Wild In The Country Lonely Man Mama Plantation Rock  Night Life  Do The Vega Yellow Rose Of Texas/The Eyes Of Texas  What Now What Next..  Western Union Blue River Tell Me Why CD2 For The Million..-2-6  Lonely Man-9  I Slipped I Stumpled..-9  No More-9 Slicin Sand-10 I’m Not The Marrying Kind-5&6  I Met Her Today-7 King Of The Whole..-6  Home Is Where..-12  Riding The Rainbow-6  This Is Living-8  Something Blue-5&6  Gonna Get Back..-6  I Feel That I..-2 Fountain Of Love-6  Happy Ending-9  I’m Falling In Love..5  How Would You Like..-1  Bossa Nova Baby-4&5 I Think I’m Gonna..-15  Vino Dinero..-1 The Bullfighter Was..-10

Elvis Christmas Album  Santa Claus Is Back In Town  White Christmas Here Comes Santa Claus I’ll Be Home For Christmas Blue Christmas Santa Bring My Baby Back Oh Little Town Of Beth lehem  Silent Night  Peace In The Valley-1 bis 9 I Believe  Take My Hand..  It Is No Secret-1 bis 13  Bonus My Wish Came True  Treat Me Nice Don’t

Back In Memphis CD1 10 Songs The Original Album plus Suspicious Minds und First Takes von Inherit The Wind A Little Bit Of Green  And The Gras..  From A Jack To A King You’ll Think Of Me Without Love Suspicious Minds-1 und 6 CD2 Rehearsals: Stranger In My Own Home Town-jam take A Little Bit Of Green  You’ll Think Of Me-8-14-16  A Little Bit Of Green-2 Without Love-2-4 Suspicious Minds-7 And The Grass Won’t Pay No Mind-6M Do You Know Who I Am-4 Unfinished Masters This Is The Story-1-2  You’ll Think Of Me-23M  A Little Bit Of Green-3M  From A Jack..-4,5M  Without Love-5M Suspicious Minds-8M  And The Grass..-6M  Do You Know..-7M  The Fair’s Moving On-1M

From Elvis In Memphis Original Album 12 Songs  First Takes: Wearin That Loved..-3,10 Only The Stron Survive-1 Long Black Limousine-6 It Keeps Right..-1,2 I’m Movin On-1,2 Power Of My Love-1 After Loving You-2 True Love Travels..-2  Any Day Now-1,2 In The Ghetto-2,3-4  January Outtakes: Long Black..-7,8,9  Wearin That..-12-13-14  In The Ghetto-11-13-20  February Outtakes: True Love Travels..-4-6,7  Power Of..-2,3-6  After Loving You-3  Only The Stron..-17,20,21,22  Any Day Now-3,4 Undubbed Masters: Wearin That Loved..  I’m Movin On  Gently On My Mind In The Ghetto  True Love.. Power Of My Love  After Loving You  Only The Strong.. I Keeps Right..  Any Day Now

ftd moody blue03

Moody Blue

Bestell.-Nr. F131
Preis 21,50

ftd at america03

Elvis at American
 Sound Studio

Bestell.-Nr. F132
Preis 21,50

ftd golden records302

Golden Records 3

Bestell.-Nr. F147
Preis 21,50

FTD from elvis

From Elvis Presley
Boulevard MT

Bestell.-Nr. F117
Preis 21,50

ftd jungle room

Jungle Room Session

Bestell.-Nr. F004
Preis 21,50

Moody Blue CD1 The Album: Unchained Melody If You Love Me Little Darlin  He’ll Have To Go  Let Me Be There Way Down Pledging My Love Moody Blue She Thinks I Still Care  It’s Easy For You  Alternate Album: Unchained Melody-undubbed  If You Love Me-undubbed Moody Blue-6 She Think’s I Still Care-2B  My Way-live Way Down-undubbed  Little Darlin-undubbed  He’ll Have To Go-rough mix  Pledging My love-reh. 3 It’s Easy For You-1  Bonus: She Thinks I Still Care-1-2A America The Beautiful  Softly As I Leave You The Sessions: Way Down-1-2A  She Thinks I Still Care-3-47-9-10-15  Moody Blue-1-7-5-8-9-rough mix  Pledging My Love-1-2-3-4-5-unedit It’s Easy For You-undubbed Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain-rough mix Bitter They Are Harder They Fall-rough mix America erased studio version

Elvis at American Sound Studio CD1 Kentucky Rain I’ll Be There  Mamy Liked The Roses  IF I’m A Fool Don’t Cry Daddy  Rubberneckin  Hey Jude  My Little Friend  Who Am I  Memory Revival-instrumental  Kentucky Rain-1-2-3 I’ll Be There-1-2-3M If I’m A Fool-1-2-3  Rubberneckin-1-2/M  Come Out Come Out-2/M instrumental  You’ll Think Of Me-7  Poor Man’s Gold-12/M  Mama Liked The Roses-alternate vocal  In The Ghetto-19  Hey Jude-1  I’ll Be There-4-5-6 CD2 It’s My Way/This Time/I Can’t Stop Loving You-jam True Love Travels..-5  Do You Know Who I Am-3-5  Kentucky Rain-5-6-7-8-9  Only The Strong Survive-8-11-12 Any Day Now-5-6/M  Unfinished Masters  Long Blöack Limousine-9/M Don’t Cry Daddy-3/M  Mama Liked The Rose-vocal uverdub My Little Friend-vocal overdub  Hey Jude-3-5-6-7/M  I’ll Hold You In My Heart-1/M Kentucky Rain-10/M If I’m A Fool-6-7-8-9/M  Who Am I-undubbed

IElvis Golden Records Vol. 3 CD1 The Album 12 Songs von It’s Now Or Never  bis She’s Not You The Alternate Album It’s Now Or Never-1  Stuck On You-1  Fame And Fortune-1  Surrender-9-1 I Feel So Bad-1  Are You Lonesome Tonight-1-2  His Latest Flame-6  Little Sister-6 Good Luck Charm-1  Anything That’s Part Of You-9 She’s Not You-2-1  CD2 The Outtakes Stuck On You-2  Fame And Fortune-2-3 Make Me Know It-14 Soldier Boy-11 It’s Now Or Never-undubbed-4-2 Surrender splice 7-7 He Knows Just What..-9 His Latest Flame-3 Little Sister-10-11  Kiss Me Quick-2  Anything That’s P..-6-7-3 For The Million..-3-4  I Met Her Today-3-6 15.Oktober 1961 She’s Not You-1-2 Make Me Know It-2-8-16 Fame And Fortune-8-9-10-11 His Latest Flame-7-9-12  Kiss Me Quick-3-5-6 For The Million..-5-11-8 I Met Her Today-12-13-14

BFrom Elvis Presley Boulevard Memphis Tennessee CD1 Original Album 10 Songs plus Session Highlights  CD2 Sessions The Making Of..20 Songs

Jungle Room Session Bitter They Are Harder The Fall-2-5  She Thinks I Still Care-2A  The Last Farewell-2 Solitaire-3  I’ll Never Fall In Love Again-5 Moody Blue-3 For The Heart-2&3  Hurt-3  Danny Boy-8  Never Again-11  Love Coming Down-2  Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain-2  It’s Easy For You-1 Way Down-2 Pledging My Love-unedid Master He’ll Have To Go-rough Mix Fire Down Below-Instrumental

ftd too much02

Too Much Monkey

Bestell.-Nr. F007
Preis 21,50

ftd easter special

Easter Special

Bestell.-Nr. F010
Preis 21,50

ftd is back03

Elvis Is Back

Bestell.-Nr. F045
Preis 21,50

ftd let yorself04

Let Yourself Go

Bestell.-Nr. F057
Preis 21,50

ftd cdelvis02


Preis 21,50

Too Much Monkey Business Burning Love I’ll Be There  Guitar Man  After Loving You  Too Much Monkey Business  Just Call Me Lonesome Lovin Arms You Asked Me To  Clean Up Your Own Back Yard She Thinks I Still Care  Faded Love  I’m Movin On  I’ll Hold You In My Heart In The Ghetto  Long Black Limousine  Only The Strong Survive Hey Jude Kentucky Rain  If You Talk In Your Sleep  Blue Suede Shoes (Neue Abmischung der Songs)

Easter Special March Of Dimes It Is No Secret-12 He Knows Just What I Need-1  Mansion Over The Hilltop-1  Joshua Fit The Battle-1 I’m Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stars-2/3  Known Only To Him-1/2  Run On-2  Stand By Me-2 So High-2  Somebody Bigger Than You And I-12 We Call On Him-4/5 Saved-1  An Evening Prayer-2 Seeing Is Believing-4  There Is No God But God-1/2 He Is Everything-1 Bossom Of Abraham-7  I Got A Feeling In My Body-6/7  If That Isn’t Love-2-6-7

Elvis Is Back-The Album Make Me Know It  Fever The Girl Of My Best Friend I Will Be Home Again Dirty Dirty Feeling  The Thrill Of Your Love Soldier Boy  Such A Night  It Feels So Right Girl Next Door  Like A Baby Reconsider Baby  The Singles:  Stuck On You  Fame And Fortune  It’s Now Or Never A Mess Of Blues  Are You Lonesome Tonight  I Gotta Know-1  First Takes: Make Me Know It  Fever The Girl Of My Best Friend Soldier Boy  Such A Night  It Feels So Right Stuck On You Fame And Fortune It’s Now Or Never  Are You Lonesome Tonight  März Session: Make Me Know It-3-9-10-11-17-18  Soldier Box-2-3-7-9-10  Stuck On You-1 FS2-2  Fame And Fortune-4-5  A Mess Of Blues-1-2-3 It Feels So Right-2-4-3  April Session: Fever-2-3- Like A Baby-1-FS/BD-2-3-4 It’s Now Or Never-2-3-4  Girl Of My Best Friend-2-4-5-6-9  Dirty Dirty Feelin-1-2-3-4  Thrill Of Your Love-1-2-1-PB  Such A Night-2-3-4-5  Girl Next Door-1-2-3  Are You Lonesome Tonight-4-FS-3-WP1/2-SP

Let Yourself Go Trouble/Guitar Man-Opening 6-7 Nothingville-5-6 Let Yourself Go-Part1-5-6/Part 3-6 Guitar Man-Escape Section 1 Fast Takes-1-2-5 Guitar Man-After Karate Section-2-2  Trouble/Guitar Man-After Karate Section 3-2  Little Egypt-8  Big Boss Man-2  It Hurts Me-First Part-5-Second Part-3  Guitar Man-Escape 1-Remake-6  Sometimes I Feel../Where Could I Go..-Gospel Section1-Rehearsal 1 Up Above My Head/I Found That Light-Gospel Section-2-7 Saved-3-4  If I Can Dream-3-4  Memories-Alternate Vocal Track  The Dressing Room Rehearsal: I Got A Woman  Blue Moon/Young Love/O Happy Day  When It Rains It Really Pours Blue Christmas Are You Lonesome Tonight/That’s My Desire  That’s When Your Heart... Peter Gun-Instrumental Love Me  When My Blue Moon Turns.. Blue Christmas/Santa Claus Is Back In Town

Elvis CD1 Original Album 12 Songs von Rip It Up bis How Do You.. Bonus: Playing For Keeps Too Much Don’t Be Cruel Hound Dog  Any Way You Want Me Rip It Up-10-14-15 bis 18 Ols Shep-5 CD2 Heartbreak Hote Long Tall Sally  I Was The One Love Me Tender Don’t Be Cruel Love Me  I Got A Woman When My Blue Moon..  Paralyzed Live Hirsch Coliseum 15.12.56

ftd today02


Bestell.-Nr. F047
Preis 21,50


Something For Everybody

Bestell.-Nr. F052
Preis 21,50

vinyl elvis presley202

Elvis Presley

Bestell.-Nr. F056
Preis 21,50

ftd his hand02

His Hand In Mine

Bestell.-Nr. F058
Preis 21,50

ftd 50 million03

50 Million Elvis Fans
Can’t Be Wrong

Bestell.-Nr. F062
Preis 21,50

Today TROUBLE  And I Love You So-2-3 Susan When She Tried-3 Woman Without Love Shake A Hand-1 Pieces Of My Life-1-2-3  Fairytale-1-2 I Can Help Bringin It Back-1  Green Green Gras Of Home-1 Tiger Man  Session Mixes: Fairytale  Green Green Gras Of Home-2-3  I Can Help  And I Love You So-1 Susan When She Tried-1-2 TROUBLE-1  Woman Without Love  Shake A Hand-2 Bringin It Back-2-3  Pieces Of My Life

Something For Everybody The Album: There’s Always Me Give Me The Right  It’s A Sin  Sentimental Me  Starting Today  Gently  I’m Comin Home  In Your Arms  Put The Blame On Me Judy I Want You With Me I Slipped I Stumbled I Fell  The Singles: I Feel So Bad  Little Sister His Latest Flame Good Luck Charm  Anything That’s Part Of You Takes: There’s Always Me-1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9 Give Me The Right-1-3-2  It’s A Sin-1-2  Sentimental Me-1  Starting Today-1-2  Gently-1-2-3-4  I’m Comin Home-21-3-5-4 In Your Arms-1 Put The Blame On Me-1-2  Judy-1-2-3-4-5-6-7  I Want You With Me-1 Little Sister-3-1-2-4-5-6-7-8-9  His Latest Flame-2-1-3-5-6-10-11-12 Anything That’s Part Of You-1-2-4-5-8-9  I Feel So Bad-2 Good Luck Charm-1-2

Elvis Presley Blue Suede Shoes I’m Counting On You  I Got A Woman One Sided Love Affair  I Love You Because  Just Because  Tutti Frutti  Trying To Get To You  I’m Gonna Sit Right Down..  I’ll Never Let You Go  Blue Moon Money Honey  Singles: Heartbreak Hotel I Was The One  Lawdy Miss Clawdy Shake Rattle And Roll  My Baby Left Me I Want You I Need You..  RCA Session: I Got A Woman-Unknown Take Heartbreak Hotel-4-5-6 Money Honey-Fragment 10  I’m Counting On You-1-Unknown-13-14 I Was The One-1-2-Fals-3-Unknown I’m Counting On You-1-2  Lawdy Miss Clawdy-1 bis 12 Shake Rattle And Roll-1-2-3-5 bis 12 Undubbed  I Want You I Need You..-1-3-4-5-13-14-15-16-17  Don Davis Interview

His Hand In Mine His Hand In Mine I’m Gonna Walk.. In My Father House Milky White Way  Known Only To Him I Believe In.. Joshua Fit The Battle  He Knows Just What I Need Swing Down Sweet Chariot  Mansion Over The Hilltop  If We Never Meet Again  Working On The Building Surrender  Crying In The Chapel  His Hand In Mine-1bis6  I’m Gonna Walk..-1bis5  Milky White Way-1-2-3 Known Only To Him-1bis5  I Believe In The Man..-1bis4  Joshua Fit The Battlr-1-2-3 He Knows Just What I Need-1bis8  Mansion Over The Hilltop-2-1  If We Never Meet Again-1  Working On The Building-1bis4  Surrender-1-9-WP1bis7 His Hand In Mine-2bis6 In My Father’s House-1bis7 Swing Down Sweet Chariot-1-2-3 Crying In The Chapel-1-2-3

50 Million Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong I Need Your Love Tonight Don’t  Wear My Ring Around Your Neck-pl.undubbed My Wish Came True  I Got Stung One Night  A Big Hunk O Love I Beg Of You  A Fool Such As I  Doncha Think It’s Time (LP Version)(Single Master)  Your Cheatin Heart-pl.9 Ain’t That Loving You Baby Doncha Think It’s Time-39-4047-48  A Big Hunk O Love-1-2-3-4 A Fool Such As I-1bis9 Ain’t That Loving You Baby-1bis11  I Need Your Love Tonight-1bis9-10a-10b-11bis18  I Got Stung-1bis24  pl. EP Elvis Sails

ftd raised on02

Raised On Rock

Bestell.-Nr. F066
Preis 21,50

cd pot02

Pot Luck

Bestell.-Nr, F067
Preis 21,50

ftd good times

Good Times

Bestell.-Nr. F087
Preis 21,50

ftd memphis TN02

Memphis Tennessee

Bestell.-Nr. F073
Preis 21,50

ftd love letters02

Love Letters From

Bestell.-Nr. F074
Preis 21,50

Raised On Rock Raised On Rock Are You Sincere-pl-2-1 Find Out What’s..pl.-6-8-7-1-2-4-5-8-7 I Miss You-pl.5-1-10-12-13-14-15 Girl Of Mine-pl.-9-1 For Ol Time Sake-pl.-4-5-6-7 If You Don’t Come Back-pl-6-1-2-3-8-6 Just A Little Bit  Sweet Angeline  Three Corn Patches-pl-1-2-13-14-4-5-6-9-10  It’s Diffrent Now-Rehearsal Instr.. Color My Rainbow  Sweet Angeline  The Wonder You Perform Good Bad But Beautiful Rough Mixes: For Ol Time Sake  If You Don’t Come Back  Find Out What’s Happening Raised On Rock Three Corn Patches Just A Little Bit

Pot Luck CD1 Kiss Me Quick-pl.1  Just For Old Time Sake-pl.1 Gonna Get Back Home Somehow-pl.1 Easy Question-pl.2 Steppin Out Of Line  I’m Yours-pl.1  Something Blue-pl.1 I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever-pl.1  Night Rider-pl.1  Fountain Of Love-pl.1 That’s Someone You Never Forget-pl.1 She’s Not You-pl.1 Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello-pl.1  You’ll Be Gone-pl.1 For The Millionth And The Last Time-pl.1 I Met Her Today-pl.1 CD2 Something Blue-2-3-4  Gonna Get Back Home Somehow-2-3-5 Easy Question-1-3  Fountain Of Love-4-9  Just For Old Time Sake-2-3-4 Night Rider-2-3-5  You’ll Be Gone-2-4  I Feel That I’ve..-4-3  Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello-2-4-5  Suspicion-3-2 She’s Not You-2-WP4  For The Millionth And..-10-7  I Met Her Today-4-8-9-16  Night Rider-1-FS2  Kiss Me Quick-2-4-5 That’s Someone You Never Forget-5-7

Good Times CD1 Take Good Care Of Her-rehearsal-1-4  Loving Arms-rehearsal-1 I Got A Feelin In My Body-1-4  If That Isn’t Love-5&7-5 and 7  She Wears My Ring-8 I’ve Got A Thing About You Baby-1-14  My Boy-1  Spanish Eyes-1,2  Talk About The Good Times-3 Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues-7,8 CD2 I’ve Got A Thing About You Baby-15-5-6,8,10,11 Loving Arms-2  I Got A Feelin In My Body-2-3-7  Good Times Charlie’s Got The Blues-1,4,6-9  My Boy-2-3  Take Good Care Of Her-2,3-5-6 If That Isn’t Love-4-6,7 She Wears My Ring-1-7-10 Talk About The Good Times-1,2-4  Loving Arms-3 Spanish Eys-3-4  (Undubbed Masters bei 9 Takes)

Memphis Tennessee CD1 Witchcraft pl.-1  Please Don’t Drag..pl.-1  Love Me Tonight pl.-1 Slowly But Surely pl.1 It Hurts Me pl.-1  Echoes Of Love pl.-1  Long Lonely Highway pl.-1 Devil In Disguise pl.-3 Never Ending pl.-1 Ask Me pl. Rej. Master-1&2-1963 Version-1  Memphis Tennessee pl. Rej. Master-1 Finders Keepers Losers Weepers pl.-1 Western Union pl.-1  Blue River  What Now What Next.. CD2 May 63 Session : Echoes Of Love-2-4-5-3 Please Don’t Drag..-2-3-4-5  Devil In Disguise-1-2-4-5-6 Never Ending-2&3 Witchcraft-2 Finder Keepers..-2&3 Love Me Tonight-2-3-4-6&5  Memphis TN-1  Western Union-2&3 Slowly But Surely-2-3-4  Blue River-1&2  Ask Me-3&4-5&6  Echoes Of Love-6&7-9&8  Januar 64 Session: Memphis TN-2-3-4-5 Ask Me-3-4-5-6-7-8-10-9  It Hurts Me-2-3-4-5

Love Letters From Elvis CD1 Love Letters When I’m Over You  If I Were You pl.-1 Got My Mojo Working/Keep Your Hands Off Of It  Heart Of Rome pl.-1 Only Belief  This Is Our Dance Cindy Cindy pl.-1  I’ll Never Know pl.-1 It Ain’t No Big Thing pl.-1-2  Life pl.-1-2  Nonus: The Sound Of Your Cry pl. 1-2-3  Sylvia  Rags To Riches pl.-2 reh. Something  CD2 Radio Commercial  The Sound Of Your Cry-4-5-6  Cindy Cindy-2-3 undubbed  Got My Mojo..-1 I’ll Never Know-2-3  It Ain’t No..-3-4-5-6 This Is Our Dance-6-7-9-11 Life-10  Heart Of Rome-2 Love Letters-3-1 If I Were You-2-3-4-5 Only Believe-1-2-3-4 Sylvia-1-2-3-4-9 Rags To Riches-3

cd country02

Elvis Country

Bestell.Nr. F076
Preis 21,50

ftd standing room03

Standing Room Only

Bestell.-Nr. F080
Preis 21,50

cd now04

Elvis Now

Bestell.-Nr. F089
Preis 21,50

ftd how great thou art

How Great Thou Art

Bestell.-Nr. F092
Preis 21,50

ftd fool04


Bestell.-Nr. F095
Preis 21,50

Elvis Country CD1 The Original Album: Snowbird pl-rehearsal-1 Tomorrow Never Comes pl-1-2  Little Cabin On The Hill pl-1 Whole Lotta Shakin.. Funny How Time Slips Away  I Really Don’t Want To Know There Goes My Everything It’s Your Baby, You Rock It pl-3 The Fool pl-1  Faded Love pl-3 I Washed My Hand.. Make The World Go Away Bonus: I Was Born.. Where Did They Go Lord pl-1 The Country Jam  Faded Love-Country Version  A Houndred Years..-1-2 CD2 The undubbed Masters 7. Juni:  I Really Don’t Want To Know Faded Love-2-3 Tomorrow Never Comes-12-13 Make The World Go Away-1-3 Funny How Time Slips Away  I Washed My Hands.. I Didn’t Make It Playing Guitar  Tomorrow Never Comes-3-11 There Goes My Every thing  September Outtakes: Warm Up-instrumental Snowbird-4-5-2 Where Did They Go Lord-2-3 Whole Lotta Shakin..(Rough Mix With Horns) Bonus Rough Mixes: When I’m Over You The Next Step Is Love  Love Letters

Standing Room Only CD1 Separate Ways* Never Been To Spain  You Gave Me A Mountain  For The Good Times* Fool*  The Impossible Dream  Burning Love* Always On My Mind* It’s A Matter Of Time*  It’s Over It’s Impossible  Where Do I Go From Here*  An American Trilogy (*Studio Takes) Bonus: Little Sister/Get Back  All Shook Up  Teddy Bear/Don’t Be Cruel Hound Dog  A Big Hunk O Love  CD2 The Sudio Outtakes Always On My Mind-2-3-4 Where Do I Go Frome Here-2-3-5-6-7-8 Separate Ways-1-2-3-4-5-11-12-13-20-21-22-25 For The Good Times-1-2-3 Burning Love-2-3-4 Fool-1 It’s A Matter Of Time-1-4

Elvis Now  CD1 Help Me Make It Trough The Night Miracle Of The Rosary  Hey Jude  Put Your Hand In..  Until It’s Time.. We Can Make The Morning Early Morning Rain Sylvia Fools Rush In  I Was Born About.. Singles: I’m Leavin  It’s Only Love  The First Time  Ever I Saw Your Face Jam: Don’t Think Tweice Help Me Make It..-8-10 Fools Ruhs In-11-12-14 Lady Madonna
CD2 Help Me Make It..-1-3-4-7-15 Early Mornin Rain-1-2-9-11 Fools Rush In-5-6-8-9  Until It’s Time..-1-5-6-7 I’m Leavin-1-2-3 It’s Only Love-1-4-6-7-8-9 Put Your Hand In..-1 Miracle Of The Rosary-1

How Great Thou Art CD1 Original-Album: How Great Thou Art In The Garden  Somebody Bigger.. Farther Along  Stand By Me Without Him  So High Where Could I Go.. By And By  If The Lord Wasn’t.. Run On Where No One Stands Alone  Crying In The Chapel  Bonus: You’ll Never Walk Alone  We Call On Him  If Everyday Was Like..First Takes: How Great Thou Art-1&2 Somebody Bigger..-1-3-11  Stand By Me-1&2 Without Him-1  So High-1 By And By-4  If The Lord..-1 Run On-1&2 Where No One..1&4  You’ll Never Walk alone-1 We Call On Him-1&2 CD2 Run On-3-6  Stand By Me-5-78&10  Where No One..-2-3&1-2-3&5  So High-2&3 Farther Along-1&2  By And By-1-2-3-4-5&7-8&9 In The Garden-1-3  Somebody Bigger..-12-14-15&5  Without Him-4&8-6 If The Lord..2-4-6- We Call On Him-4&5-7-8 You’ll Never Walk-2-3-4-6&8

Elvis-Fool   CD1 Original-Album: Fool Where Do I Go From Here  Love Me Love The Life.. It’s Still Here  It’s Impossible That’s What You Get..  Padre I’ll Take You Home Kathleen  I Will Be True Don’t Think Twice..  Bonus Songs: Steamroller Blues  For The Good Times  Until It’s Time.. Original Alternate Mixes: Love Me Love The Life..  Padre Fool Where Do I Go..  First LP Version Leftover: Reconsider Baby  Blue Hawaii Early Mornin Rain  Hawaiian Wedding Song Ku U I Po  No More Fool(Single Master)  CD2 That’s What I Get..-1-3-7-8-9&10  Until It’s Time..-1&2-6 Love Me Love The Life..-1-2-4-5&6 Padre-1&2-11 It’s Still Here-1-2-3-4&5  I’ll Take You Home Kathleen-1 I Will Be True-1&2 My Way-1&2-3(Master) Don’t Think Twice..(Long Vers) 

ftd memories02

Our Memories Of Elvis

Bestell.-Nr. F110
Preis 21,50

ftd he touched me02

He Touched Me

Bestell.-Nr. F105
Preis 21,50

cd promised land

Promised Land

Bestell.-Nr. F106
Preis 21,50

cd elvis sings02

Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas

Bestell.-Nr. F107
Preis 21,50

vinyl gold104

Elvis’ Golden Records

Bestell.-Nr. F143
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Our Memories CD1 Are You Sincere It’s Midnight  My Boy  Girl Of Mine  Take Good Care Of Her I’ll Never Fall In Love Again  Your Love’s Been..  Spanish Eyes  Never Again She Think I Still Care Solitaire  I nGot A Feelin In My Body  Green Green Gras Of Hoeme For The Heart  She Wears My Ring I Can Help Way Down There’s A Honky Tonk Angel Find Out What’s Happening  Thinking About You Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right 8:36 Minuten CD2 Woman Without Love Moody Blue When I’m Over You  It’s A Matter Of Time Sweet Angeline Hurt Shake A Hand Promised Land  Heart Of Rome If You Don’t Come Back Mr. Songman  For Ol Time Sake  Love Coming Down  Pledging My Love Raised On Rock The Last Farewell Fool

He Touched Me  CD1 Original Album 12 Songs plus Alternate Takes: He Touched Me-2  A Evening Prayer-2  Seeing Is Believin-1-4  A Thing Called Love-1 He Is My Everything-1  Bosom Of Abraham-2-3  Reach Out To Jesus-1-7  The Lord’s Prayer CD2 Johnny B Goode He Touched Me-3 An Evening Prayer-3-7-8  Seeing Is Believin-7-11,12  A Thing Called Love-Rehearsal-2,3-4-7 There Is No God But God-1-3-4-2  Amazing Grace-1,2 Seing Is Believin-8-9-10 An Evening Prayer-5  I John-1  Bosom Of Abraham-4  I’ve Got Confidence-1 He Is My Everythung-2,4  Bosom Of Abraham-5,7

Promised Land  CD1 (Songs wie auf dem norm. Tonträger plus Alternate Takes: Promised Land-4-5 There’s A Honky Tonk Angel-3-2-7 Help Me-1  Mr. Songman-2 Love Song Of The Year-1-7  It’s Midnight-9-11 Your Love’s Been..-10 If You Talk In Your Sleep-5  Thinking About You-4-5-6  You Asked Me To-?-? CD2 It’s Midnight-1-4-8-7-10-15-16  You Asked Me To-? Mr. Songman-1-3-6 Thinking About You-reh.-3-?  Promised Land-3-2-6 Your Love’s Been..-4-8-9 There’s A Honky Tonk Angel-1-? Love Song Of The Year-reh.-2-8 If You Talk In Your Slee-6-7-8 Mr. Songman-3-6

Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas CD1(Songs wie auf dem norm. Tonträger plus Alternate Takes: I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day-Remake Master-1-3-1-2 It Won’t Seem Like Christmas-1-3  If I Get Home On Christmas Day-1  Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees-1-2  Silver Bells-1-2 CD2 I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day-4-3-5-6-4-9 If I Get Home On Christmas Day-2-3-5-7 Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees-3-4-5-8 It Won’t Seem Like..-4-5-6 O Come All Ye Faithful-2 The Lord’s Prayer  Merry Christmas Baby-1(unedited version 8:29 Minuten) Winter Wonderland-7-8

Elvis’ Golden Records CD1 Original Album pl. Bonus My Baby Left Me Playing For Keeps  Blue Suede Shoes (The Stereo and Binaural Hits) Jailhouse Rock  Love Me Tender  Treat Me Nice-Movie Master Loving You-8 That’s When..-7/M&6  CD2 Mean Woman Blues-14/M  Blue Berry Hill-1-2-3-4-7-8-9M  That’s When Your..-1-2-3-6-7-13 Have I Told You..-1-2-3-7-8-13-14-15M  I Beg Of You-1-2-5-6-7-12/M

ftd nbc

NBC-TV Special

Bestell.-Nr. F150
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ftd vinyl gold 4102

Elvis Gold Records
Vol. 4

Bestell.-Nr. F153
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ftd cd a date with02

A Date With

Best. Nr. F155
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American Sound
5 CD
Bestell.-Nr. F173
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The Elvis Is Back
4 CD
Bestell.-Nr. F174
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ftd elvis is back

NBC-TV Special CD1 Original Album plus Bonus Cuts vom 23-27. Juni z.B. It Hurts Me-7-6 Let Yourself Go-1-2  Memorie If I Can Dream-Stereo Master  Baby What You Want Me To Do und und
CD2 Road Medley Outtakes vom 20.-21 Juni z.B. Nothingville Guitar Man  Let Yourself Go Big Boss Man It Hurts Me  Little Egypt  Trouble Gospel Medley Outtakes 21.-22 Juni und und und

Elvis Gold Records Vol. 4  CD1 The Original Stereo Album  Bonus Songs: z.B. Wild In The Country I’m Your-Single Version  Outtakes: Lonely Man-3  A Mess Of Blues-4&3 Justv Tell Her..-3 Kiss me Quick-8&9 Suspicion-4&5  Gonna Get Back Home..-4 What’I Say -3&4M CD2 The Original Mono Album  12 Songs von Love Letters bis Just Tell Her..

A Date With Elvis  CD1 The Original Album plus Bonus Songs: I Don’t Care If The Sun.. Let Me Stereo And Binaural : Young And Beautiful  Baby I Don’t Care We’re Gonna Move I Want To Be Free (Movie Version) 10-12-13(Records VersionAnd Final Ending)-5 Is It So Strang-1-2-9-10-11-12 CD2 Private Recordings From Germany: I’m Beginning To Forget-3-5 I Can’t Help It 2x Mona Lisa  Guitar Piece  Danny Boy-1-2 Loving You I Asked The Lord-1-2-3-4-5-6 Apron String-1-3-2 Soldier Boy  Earth Angel I Will Be True There’s No Tomorrow  I’ll Take You Home-2 plus Fast and Slow  Que Sera/Hound Dog  The Titles Will Tell Send Me Some Lovin The Fool-1-2-3-4

Elvis American Sound 1969 
Long Black Limousine 1-2-3-5-6-7-8-9  This Is The Story-1-2 Wearin That Loved..-1-2-3-5-10 bis 15  You’ll Think Of Me-1-6-7-8-11-14-16-19-20.23
CD2 I’m Movin On-1-2 A Little Bit Of Green(Rehearsal)-1-2-3 Gently On My Mind-(Track Replacement)  Don’t Cry Daddy-3 Poor Man’s Gold-12 Inherit The Wind-1-(Rehearsal)-4 Mama Liked The Roses-(Alternate Master) My Little Friend (Master Track)  In The Ghetto-1 bis 5-10-11-13-19-20-22
CD3 Rubberneckin-1-2 Hey Jude-1-3-5-6-7 From A Jack..-1-3-4-5  Without Love-1-2-4-5  I’ll Hold You..-1 I’ll Be There-1-3-4-6  Suspicious Minds-1-5-6-7-8
CD4 Stranger In My..-(Jam Session) It’s My Way/This Time/I Can’t Stop Loving You-(Jam)  True Love Travels..-2-4-5-6-7-11  And The Grass..-1-3-5-6 Power Of Love-1-2-3-6-7  After Loving You-2-3-4  Do You Know ..-1-3-4-5-7
CD5 Kentucky Rain-1-3-5-7-8-9-10 Only The Strong Survive-1-8-11-12-17-21-22-29  It Keeps Right..-1-2  Any Day Now-1bis6 If I’m A Fool-1-2-3-6-7-8-9  The Fair’s Moving On-(Track Master) Who Am I-(Undubbed Master

The Elvis Is Back Sessions
The Original Album mit 12 Songs  plus The Original Singles 6 Songs
CD2 The March Sessions: Make Me Know It-1bis 19 -Soldier Boy-1 bis 15/M  Stuck On You-1bis 3/M Fame And Fortune-1 bis 8
CD3 Fame And Fortune-9 bis15&14/M  A mess Of Blues-1bis5/M It Feels So Right-1bis4&5/M  The April Sessions: Fever 1bis4/M
CD4 The April Sessions: It’s Now Or Never-4&2 undubbed master  The Girl Of My Best Friend 1bis10/M Dirty Dirty Feeling 1bis4 plus splice take mit guitar solo Thrill Of Your Love 1-2&3/M  I Gotta Know 1&2/M Such A Night 1bis5/M Are You Lonesome Tonight 1bis5 plus workout 1-2 splice take 5&2  Girl Next Door 1-3

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